Monday, June 4, 2007

First Post

Hello friends and family --

I decided to do away with Xanga and create a new and improved blog.

Things are going well. It has already been a busy week and it is only the second day!

This past weekend, my friend Kelly and I went to Kings Island amusement park here in Cincinnati. We had a blast riding all the roller coasters though I must say, I was definitely sore yesterday morning. All worth it though. It was nice to see Kel a bell, she came up Friday night and stayed through Saturday evening.

Some exciting news from today - I hired a full time assistant to work in activities, wahooo! It has been a long process and I pray this will be a great working relationship! Also, Tip, Lindsay, AND my mom are all coming to visit John and I over Labor Day weekend. Should be tons of fun!

We finally got some rain here today in the tri-state area, we needed it too. Ah, how I love thunderstorms. Though John was disappointed because he was ready to go walk tonight. Tomorrow it should be dry and only a high of 73 degrees, sounds better than 89 for the high!
Pic = John and I at the baseball game.


caroline said...

way to go with the blogger. You'll love it! :) Sorry that mine has turned into a "garden diary"!!! :) Hope to see you again soon. Or call you with exciting news... who knows... !!

Lindsay Moore said...

We were thrilled to make the daily blog entry!!!! Can't WAIT to visit you guys! XOXOXOXOXO

jen said...

hay michelle love the new blog,i keep up with my friend amy through these. i am excited to be now checking yours!! cool!

jen said...

what game were you at in the picture?